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Regeneration by Fhaolan
Okay, there's a bit of a story behind this one. MLPForums recently had a banner contest where the theme was to have a nominally non-Princess character as a Princess. Some time previously I had written a scene that might appear in a fanfic eventually of the Doctor Whooves character undergoing a regeneration, and in the regeneration energy you could see the possibility of a unicorn, or pegasus, or earth pony, making him in effect a different type of alicorn. So I thought, sure, I could do that scene for a banner and it would count, right?

Except every mental picture I had of the scene was vertical, not horizontal like the banners are required to be on that site. That and it's a lot more complex an image than I have artistic skill. :) So after awhile, I had to put the work aside because it was frustrating me no end.

Then I mentioned I had made an attempt at this in a Skype chat with some friends from that forum, and there was some interest in seeing how far I had gotten with it. So, here it is.

The TARDIS and it's interior was rendered as two different images in Blender using the models I had built for prior futzings. Doctor Whooves was drawn in Inkscape, and I think I'm actually improving on my Inkscape techniques, as I had the rather silly realization that I'm better off drawing the outlines as separate pieces rather than relying on the stroke attributes. All the regeneration effects (which is supposed to also have some resemblance to Twilight's alicornification, with the swirling colors) are done in GIMP.
Chimera by Fhaolan
I was futzing around, and had this thought. I've seen chimeras in modern shows that followed the standard formula, Lion, Goat, Cobra (sometimes Tiger and Viper). So I decided to go sideways a bit and put a Lynx, a Sheep, and a Garter snake into one. Specifically an Icelandic Sheep with it's highly variable colors.

I think the heads came out rather well. Not that thrilled with the Lynx legs and paws, but I've learned when to stop futzing and just be done with a thingy. Probably should have done some kind of background, but landscapes are *really* out of scope for me. It's somewhat cartoonish, but more my own style than the fan-art I've been doing a lot recently.

Done entirely in Inkscape.
Fleur De Lis Banner by Fhaolan
Fleur De Lis Banner
This started out as a signature banner for MLP Forums, but Fleur just didn't like the idea of fitting in that narrow box.

All Inkscape. Mostly experimenting with gradients, especially the idea of using contrasting colours as shadows in the Fleur figure. I'm not completely convinced about it still. It just feels weird using a faint yellow to 'shadow' a mostly white and pink figure.
Nightmare Moon Experiment by Fhaolan
Nightmare Moon Experiment
Done entirely in Inkscape. On the left is basically how Nightmare Moon is depicted in MLP: Friendship is Magic (give or take, I've messed up the mane colors in an effort to get a star background in there as one major difference). On the right is a slight rethink based on the idea that Nightmare Moon is Luna under the influence of Dark Magic. Slight change in teeth formation, the curving horn of Sombra, miscolored eyes with vapour similar to her mane coming off them, and the dragon-type wings + tuffed ears from the Batponies. Oh, and I put points on the ethereal mane to make it seem a bit more.. angry? Something like that.

Actually, it was the wings that made me want to try this. Nightmare Moon's wings are shaped quite different from pegasi or alicorns. They're still bird-like wings, but Faust (I assume she designed the character model, I might be wrong), deliberately used a distinctly different cartoon representation than normal in the show. I assume to give it a more villainous appearance. However, that depiction has not been used on any other winged creature in the show to my knowledge, making this feel like a slightly conflicting art style moment. So I wondered if it made that much difference if they were swapped out with the Batpony-type wing, and it kinda snowballed from there.
Console Room by Fhaolan
Console Room
Another case of not being able to concentrate on my work. The TARDIS console room I built in Blender awhile back for another project, sketched up the Doctor and Derpy in Inkscape fairly quickly, and merged the two images as layers in GIMP so I could erase certain sections of the ponies to 'insert' them into the console room and paint some extra shadows in. 


Allan Kemp
United States
Some guy? Maybe? I dunno. :)

I'm not an artist, I'm more of a crafter and definitely a hobbyist. I make things and mess around with stuff, but I have no ambition to actually be 'an artist'. It's just that when I get bored I feel the need to make things. All sorts of things. And I've been doing that for a very long time, so I've got a lot of weird stuff made. However I have nothing to say with my stuff, no message, no meaning. It's all from a need to produce rather than a need to say anything with it. So it's not 'art' in my mind.

My skill level with any project hovers around the 'meh' level, but I'm capable of producing just about anything at that level. So I've made furniture, sculptures, 3D models, clothing/costumes (I have a tendency to make costumes as they would be worn as clothing, rather than stage-quality stuff), as well as sketches in a variety of mediums.


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