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Fleur de Lis by Fhaolan
Fleur de Lis
Just a quick headshot of Fleur de Lis. I normally don't do all-digital drawings like this one, as I have difficulty drawing with the mouse (and my attempts at using a tablet were disastrous). I tried something a bit different though, doing a rough pencil sketch to get the proportions right, used Inkscape beziers to trace the lines, and then off to GIMP to do the coloring. I wasted a lot of time redoing things as I should have used different color lines for the beziers to keep them straight, though. I probably could have used GIMP paths instead of Inkscape, but I find Inkscape's UI a bit easier to deal with for that kind of thing for some reason. 

That, and the expression came out... odd. I was going for mischievous flirt, and that's what the people I checked it with say I hit, but for some reason I'm seeing a hint of something tired and sad in those eyes. Not sure why.
Gyrharte by Fhaolan
Ink and pencil crayon. A cartoonish gryphon character I've made up relatively recently. Not entirely sure what I'm going to do with him. Probably draw him in a couple of other costumes, as I am wont to do.


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